We prepare our students to solve societal issues, to understand and address problems facing our justice and legal infrastructures, to be informed and participate in politics and analyze economic trends in our society and around the globe.

Programs of Study


The Department of Chemistry offers excellent programs for students wishing to enter the field of Chemistry or to apply for admission to Health Professional schools in Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Optometry, or Physical Therapy.

All students entering Fall 2015 or later will follow one of the curricula below:

  • Chemistry: The Chemistry major is designed for those wishing to become working chemists, and is the basis for the Chemistry Pre-Health curricula shown below.
  • Chemistry / Professional: The Chemistry Professional option is designed for students who wish to become working chemists, as well as those who plan to attend graduate school in Chemistry.
  • Either of these majors also allows students to obtain the necessary qualifications for Forensic Science.

You may also choose a double major in Biology / Chemistry Pre-Health Sciences.

Students who began prior to Fall 2015 may continue to complete one of the two Physical Science curricula below. New students may not choose these options. Students wishing to complete the Chemistry curricula above should contact their advisor prior to changing majors.