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Master of Computer Information Systems and Cyber Security


The program include courses like: 
-Network Security & Reliability-Quantitative Metrics 
-Secure Software Systems 
-Computer Systems Modeling & Simulation

Upon graduation, a student in this program will be able to perform the following tasks:
-Identify and respond to information security challenges in distributed and embedded systems. 
-Evaluate and recommend technological tools and protocols to protect against risks. 
-Integrate the use of encryption technology in non-secure and non-private computers and systems. 
-Design and conduct research in the area of cybersystems and information security. 

AUM will teach you the skills for a successful career. If you are ready to expand your capabilities and increase your earning potential, apply to AUM Graduate Studies M.S. in Cybersystems and Information Security. To learn more, contact us today.

Approximate program length: Two years
Program available for Spring and Fall applications only.

Master of Computer Information Systems and Cyber Security

Related careers/job titles: Homeland security, government and state agencies, private business, armed forces, information technology.

For more information,contact Dr. Patrick Pape at 334-244-3314 or email