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Through teaching, research and service, the Department of Biology seeks to advance understanding of the life sciences at all levels, from molecules to ecosystems. Biology education at AUM strives to strengthen core disciplinary knowledge and to foster synergies that arise from the relationships students build with our creative and collaborative faculty.

The department seeks to provide the needed facilities and equipment to allow faculty members to do creative and cutting-edge research; it also provides opportunities for students to work with faculty members on research projects. In all ways, we endeavor to develop the knowledge, skills, and talents of our students. Exceptional students are also able to present scientific results at both internal and external conferences as well as in the scientific literature as research study co-authors.

Consult this page to find your advisor: Advisors for Biology

Bachelor of Science Degrees in the Department of Biology

The biology program provides two degrees and several different concentrations that allow students to prepare for different career paths while pursuing the Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.or in Environmental Science.

Biology Degree and Environmental Science Degree Concentration Descriptions and Course Requirements

Biology Degree Concentrations

  • Health Sciences
  • General Biology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Public Health and Microbiology

Environmental Science Degree Concentrations

  • Environmental Biology
  • Environmental Health and Toxicology
  • Environmental Geographic Information Systems

Biology Minor

Schedule of Biology Courses by Term

Biology Scholarships

The AUM School of Sciences strives to ensure that students have every opportunity to successfully complete their educational goals. Part of that effort is our commitment to helping students to pay for costs associated with their education. Check to see the Biology department scholarships that are currently available: More

Study Abroad Opportunities

Study abroad summers or semesters are routinely offered through our membership in the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS). From time to time, the Biology Department may sponsor other study abroad field experiences.


Alabama Marine Environmental Sciences Consortium Course Opportunities

Biology students enrolled at AUM may take marine biology courses at the Sea Lab in Mobile, Ala. Courses taken at this marine biology station may substitute for some of the courses in the environmental science option. More

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research is a way to get research experience before leaving college. As a student you will work closely with a faculty advisor on a shared research project. The research options are almost limitless and the experience is invaluable. More