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Biology, Environmental Science, and GIS Major Advising


Advising Tips

1. You will need to be advised each term in order to receive the "alternate PIN" number that will allow you to register for classes using WEBSTER.
2. Make an advising appointment early - October for Spring term, March for Fall and Summer terms. Then when registration opens, you'll be ready to go!
3. Please be aware that you need to make an appointment to see the appropriate advisor listed below and this is best done by email.
4. Include in your email specific information about what days and times of day you can meet with your advisor and any general questions that you may have.
5. Your advisors are here to help you schedule the classes you need to earn your degree and prepare for the next step in your career. But ultimately, this is your degree - you are responsible for the choices you make and the courses you sign up for. Know your degree program and requirements, and keep track of your progress.
6. Be aware of course rotations.

All students with less than 45 credit hours are advised in the Central Advising Center.

Information regarding biology minor, a second degree (in biology), and double major (biology is one of the majors), is located at the bottom of the page.

Biology Degree Concentrations

All students with less than 45 hours (in their first 3 semester) are advised in the Central Advising Center. Students with more than 45 hours (second semester sophomores, junior and seniors) will see the following advisors:

Biology Health Sciences Concentration (BIHS) are advised by Ms. LaTora Jackson in Central Advising Center ( and by a faculty member in the department.  Faculty advisors are assigned alphabetically by last name:

(A-Be) Dr. Tim Kroft, 310P Goodwyn Hall,
(Bf-De) Dr. King, 209L Goodwyn Hall Annex,
(Df-He) Dr. Ann Marie O’Neill, 209M Goodwyn Hall,
(Hf-J) Dr. Koelling, 016 Goodwyn Hall Annex,
(K-Mc) Dr. Thomson, 203B Goodwyn Hall, 
(Md-Si) Dr. Ben Okeke, 310V Goodwyn Hall,
(Sj-T) Dr. Claudia Stein, 209 Goodwyn Hall,
(U-Z) Dr. Matt Grilliot, 310T Goodwyn Hall, 

General Biology (BIGN)

Dr. Chelsea Ward, 310E Goodwyn Hall, 

Molecular Biology (BIMB)

Dr. Tim Kroft, 310P Goodwyn Hall,

Public Health & Microbiology (BIPH)

Dr. Pete Haddix, 311B Goodwyn Hall,

Environmental Science Degree Concentrations

Environmental Science and Biology (ENBI)
(A-K) Dr. Gabriel Costa, 310U Goodwyn Hall,
(L-Z) Dr. Karen Stine, 209J Goodwyn Hall,

Environmental Science and Chemistry (ECHM)
Dr. Gabriel Costa, 310U Goodwyn Hall,

Environmental Science Geographic Information Systems (EGIS)
(A-K) Dr. Ha, 209B Goodwyn Hall,
(L-Z) Dr. Terry Winemiller, 209A Goodwyn Hall,

Environmental Science Health and Toxicology (ENHT)

Dr. Karen Stine, 209C Goodwyn Hall,

GIS Degree

Dr. Terry Winemiller, 209A Goodwyn Hall,

Minors and Certificates

Dr. Clark Danderson, 311C Goodwyn Hall,

Dr. Sue Thomson, 203B Goodwyn Hall, 244-3275,

Dr. Terry Winemiller, 209A Goodwyn Hall,

Dr. Deanne Allegro, Wellness Center,

Double Majors

The department has also partnered with several other programs across campus to offer many exciting double majors. Please see the advisor for the corresponding biology concentration listed above and also see the advisor for your other major.

Double Majors include: 

Chemistry and Biology, Pre-Health Sciences (127 hrs) 
General Biology and Environmental Health and Toxicology (132 hrs)
General Biology and Environmental Biology (129 hrs) 
Biology Public Health and Environmental Health and Toxicology (129 hrs) 
Environmental Science, GIS and GIS (127 hrs) 
Environmental Biology and GIS (134 hrs) 
Environmental Chemistry and Chemistry (120 hrs)

Second Degree in Biology or Environmental Science

If you are pursuing a second degree in the biology department, please see the advisor corresponding to your selected biology concentration.