The College of Sciences offers students a scientific education to meet the needs of the 21st century, allowing them to compete for a variety of careers in an increasingly complex and evolving world.

Academic Advising

Our advisors are here to help. Proper advising will serve to efficiently guide you through all the necessary steps towards your academic goals. The combination of a Mathematics major and Computer Science minor or Computer Science major and Mathematics minor makes students very attractive to employers.

Programs of Study 

The department offers three undergraduate majors: 1) Mathematics, 2) Mathematics/Secondary Education, and 3) Computer Science. We also offer two master degree programs: 1) Computer Science, and 2) Computer Information Systems and Cyber Security. Moreover, we offer a pre-engineering program.

Career Options and Recent Alumni

Numerous career options are available in the field of Mathematics and Computer Science.


There are several undergraduate scholarships and graduate assistantships available to students majoring in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Computer Information Systems & Cyber Security.

Student Clubs and Organizations

We have three active student clubs – Mathematics Club, Computer Science Club, and Engineering Club.


Policies, Procedures, and Math Placement Testing

In addition to the general AUM Academic policy, the department issues several policies such as the Calculator policy, Math Lab policy, Placement policy, etc.

Colloquia, Conferences and Other Events

Our department hosts the following events: research colloquia, math/CS/engineering club activities, Southern Regional Algebra Conference (SRAC), Sonia Kovalevsky Mathematics Day.

Research Interests and Seminars

Our faculty conduct various types of research in the areas of mathematical and computing sciences.  Students have opportunities to participate in research projects.

Faculty and Staff Contacts

The Mathematics and Computer Science faculty and staff are here to help you be successful.  We are available by phone or email and you are welcome to stop by. Click here to find out the best way to contact us.