Master of Science in Psychology

Clinical Psychology/Thesis
Clinical Psychology/Applied                          

The Science of Psychology
The Auburn Montgomery Graduate Studies Psychology program runs the gamut, offering coursework that explores both psychology research and application. Utilizing the scientist/practitioner model is popular with our students because it allows the future Ph.D., the future researcher and the future practitioner the opportunity to fulfill a transcript that is ideal for their career and academic goals. Whether you plan to advance to the highest levels of education, practice under a doctor, or use this master’s degree in any other way, you’ll find psychology history, theory, research and application to be at the core of your studies. AUM is the place to expand your capabilities and improve your credentials in psychology.

This program is small by design, allowing the professors ample time to spend with each student, addressing questions and offering direction.

We admit in the Fall term only.  Application deadline is April 15th. See FAQs (below right) for details. 

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Related careers/job titles: Psychological technician, Masters level counselor/clinician, state agency counselor, researcher.

Approximate program length: Two years.

Professor Spotlight

Dr. Bridgette Harper

B.A., Psychology, ‘95
M.A., Applied Experimental Psychology, ‘01
Ph.D., Psychological Sciences, '06
Associate Professor of Psychology, Auburn Montgomery  



Dr. Harper teaches coursework in lifespan/child development and research design.  She received her Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Dallas. Her research focuses on the intervention and prevention of children's peer victimization. Dr. Harper has published articles in leading journals such as The Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology and The Journal of Early Adolescence. more

Psychology Student of Success

Dr. Denella Ausborn
M.S., Psychology
Vice President of Pharmacy, Northlake Medical Research Center

Since childhood, Denella wanted to be a psychologist. Her path to making that dream become a reality began when she completed the Graduate Studies program at AUM in psychology. After marrying Wil Ausborn, they moved to Atlanta and both pursued doctoral degrees at Argosy University. Denella and her husband, Wil, worked together to build a private practice in Atlanta which is also in affiliation with Northlake Medical Research Center, a facility founded by Dr. Wil Ausborn. Northlake Medical Research Center is a multi-disciplined, culturally diverse research center involved in FDA-approved psychiatric clinical research trials. Wil is the president and CEO, while Denella is the vice president of the pharmacy.

Dr. Denella Ausborn also received specialized training in forensics and neuropsychology and works as an investigator/research coordinator for new pharmaceutical drugs.