Psychology Degree

At AUM, your exposure to scientific psychology increases as you complete more classes. By the time you are finished with your course work, you will have a better understanding of yourself, your children, your community and your culture. Learning for the first time what scientific research and clear thinking tells us about ourselves is an exciting process to experience.  

Degree Requirements

Psychology Courses

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Psychology Minor

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Career Possibilities

Some students will use a psychology major to become an actual psychologist by attending graduate school and obtaining a doctoral degree, but a psychology major is also good preparation for other professional programs such as law school.  The strong academic background that students with a psychology major are given helps them compete well in educational and business settings, and also in related human service educational programs such as counseling and social work. We want you to excel in whatever career path you choose!

Active Research Labs

Dr. Glen Ray
Peer Interaction Group (PIG)

Dr. Clarissa Arms-Chavez 
Social Cognition Lab

Dr. Bridgette Harper 
Social Development Lab

Dr. Steve LoBello 
Health Psychology and Epidemiology Lab

Dr. Stacy Parenteau
Clinical Psychology Lab

Dr. Rolando Carol
Legal Psychology Lab