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Undergraduate Research and Scholarship


What is UGR?

1. Undergraduate research is a way to get research experience before leaving college 
2. As a student you will work closely with a faculty mentor on a shared research project
3. The research options are almost limitless and the experience is invaluable


1. Did you know that graduate and professional programs consider more than just GPA when considering admission?
2. To be competitive, you need to have experience in a research setting
3. Undergraduate research gives you this opportunity and allows you to present your research at local and possibly national scientific meetings. You may even be able to publish your research. 

1. Anyone can apply to be part of the undergraduate research program, but ideally, a prospective researcher will be entering their junior year, in planning on advancing in the sciences after graduation, and has at least a B average in their science courses. 
2. The final decision will be made by the research mentor you choose to work with.

1. Discuss with your teachers the type of research they are doing. You may also contact a department undergraduate research representative (see below) to learn more about the type of research being conducted by the faculty members.
2. If you find something that interests you, contact that faculty member directly to see if they are accepting research students.
3. Once you and your research mentor have agreed on a project, your advisor or mentor will register you for the course. 

You must register for Undergraduate Research - so contact the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences today!
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Undergraduate Research Representatives

Communication and Theatre
Dr. Silvia Giagnoni

Associate Professor
Liberal Arts 223C

Dr. Carel Ligeon
Professor and Department Chair
Clement Hall 319C

History and World Languages & Cultures
Dr. Timothy Henderson

Distinguished Research Professor
Liberal Arts 345

Justice and Public Safety
Dr. Ralph Ioimo
Associate Professor and Department Chair
Clement Hall 319B
Dr. Greg Ciesielski
Assistant Professor
Goodwyn Hall 309-O

Biology and Environmental Science
Dr. Ann Marie O’Neill

Assistant Professor
Goodwyn Hall 209-M

Mathematics and Computer Science
Dr. Yi Wang
Professor and Department Chair
Goodwyn Hall 213-C

Dr. Peter Zachar
Professor and Department Chair
Goodwyn Hall 210-E

English and Philosophy
Dr. Darren Harris-Fain

Liberal Arts 336

Fine Arts
William Fenn
Associate Professor and Department Chair
Goodwyn Hall 105

Political Science and Public Administration
Dr. Andrew Cortell

Professor and Department Chair
Goodwyn Hall 209D

Dr. Annice Yarber-Allen
Associate Professor and Department Chair
Liberal Arts 333